23 Weeks

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Well, I'm 23 weeks along now (based on December 12th due date). My doc won't really commit to a due date these days. He just says sometime between December 6th and 12th, so whatever that means. I'm not holding my breath for Baby E to arrive either of those days, but whatever. :)

So for those (mostly family who don't live here) who've asked if I'm showing, I figured I can throw a baby bump pic in there every now and then so you can see the progress of my big-as-a-barn-ness. :-D Actually, I've been lucky. I didn't start actually gaining weight until last week - probably attributable to my thyroid hormone dosage finally getting stabilized (after I found out I was pregnant) and the fact that I finally got my tail into the gym a few times a week. My belly's been growing for sure, but the scale finally showed it last week. I'm hoping I'm able to keep the gain under control. The pics of me were taken on Sunday, so at 23 weeks exactly. Apparently, it's kinda obvious now, as strangers have started making comments or offering congratulations. :)

I've been really blessed to have an easy pregnancy thus far. I never really got sick, the fatigue has somewhat faded (although, my stamina isn't quite normal - I still get worn out pretty easily), and overall I've felt pretty great! My feet have started swelling, and although they got really bad a few days last week, I've really upped my water intake and started trying to prop my feet up under my desk at work, and I think that's helping. Hopefully, I can coast through the remaining 17 weeks or so without anything crazy happening. :) My next appointment is the 31st, and I will have my glucose test then. I've already done one, as they wanted to do an early screening for me, due to my starting weight and thyroid issues. That one came back fine, so I'm hoping this one does, too. I asked the doc whether I'd get to have another ultrasound, and he said, yes, at 37 weeks. Boo. Oh, well. :) Anyway, I know all that is boring to most, but just wanted to share the latest on the health front.

I was so excited to finally feel her move about two weeks ago. The doc had thought it would be before that, so I was a little nervous, but I felt her one morning and she's been rolling around in there ever since. :) This past weekend I was lying on the couch at one point and just happened to notice that I was able to see one kick. Finally, last night, she stayed moving long enough for me to have Jeremy come over and be able to feel her. I had been hoping he'd be able to feel her soon, and last night he was just barely able to. So cool! :)

The only other baby news we really have is that the nursery is coming along nicely! The painter was able to squeeze us in last week, and it turned out fabulous! The wall colors are actually a bit more turquoise than they look in the pictures. They've got a little more green in them. I love how it looks with the bedding! The only furniture we're waiting on is the chair, which should be in within the next month or so. Then I will start figuring out where to put things on walls. I'm so hesitant to put holes in the walls until I know for sure where things are going to go. Anyway, here are a couple of shots of the nursery (well, the furniture, walls, and bedding anyway). :) It's definitely a work in progress. :) By the way, our theme is vintage amusement park/carnival. I know - it's weird. :) I'm really excited about how it will turn out, though. I've got some old-looking photographic prints to hang on the walls of ferris wheels, skeeball, carousels, etc. So excited!

So, until I have something else to say...go live your dream! :)


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