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Friday, August 27, 2010

Okay, so it's the second week the blog has been in existence, and I'm already behind. I really meant to post earlier this week, but I let time get away from me.

On the baby front, all that's really going on this week is nursery progression. :) The glider was delivered on Tuesday, and it looks great in the nursery! We went with a very neutral color for it, since I didn't really want it to be the focal point, but when I ordered the bedding, I managed to remember to have a little accent pillow made for the glider, so it looks adorable! I ordered a fun lamp for the dresser. We found an orange one I love. I'm hoping it comes in next week, so I can continue putting things together. The only big things left I would like to get for in there is a little bookcase (we found a cute little red one on IKEA's website I think we might get - although that does mean having to GO to IKEA and navigate that crazy place) and the large carnival marquis letter that lights up for the wall. The rest is just little things.

Jeremy and I went to a consignment sale yesterday called "Penny Pinching Mamas". We found several cute clothing items. Mostly dresses, but also a couple of pairs of jeans and a cute pants outfit. Got some good deals! I was completely overwhelmed by the toys and stuff, so I mainly just stared blankly at those. hehe. :)

In other news, Jeremy's kids started school this week (he had to be back last week). He's got two large classes this year, so it may be challenging, but he's pretty excited to be back. I love going home in the afternoons and hearing the stories of the day. I constantly thank God that he ended up where he did with such a great admin team. He gets the support he feels he needs. Also, other big news - his school earned exemplary status last year! This is huge, particularly because he works at a Title I (lowest socio-economically) school. To earn exemplary status, you have to have a certain percentage passing. I don't know all the details, but the whole school has really been working hard at it for several years now. So exciting!

Other than that, not much happening. Still working on getting some things organized at the house. I've got a credenza on the way that will go in the living room to help organize games and free up upstairs closet space and perhaps to keep a few baby toys in. :) That will probably be here Monday, and we'll have to put it together. We're headed to a 50th anniversary party this weekend. WOW! Such an accomplishment. I look forward to that many years with Jeremy, if it's in God's plan. Jeremy's 30th birthday is coming up next Friday (I'm going to be married to an old man). ;) Following that, we have the rest of the late summer/fall family birthday onslaught. :) Kenny in September, Slade and Alyssa in October, Dad and Ronin in November. Keeps us busy!

Oh! One other thing! I did find out that I believe I'm going to be able to take off starting with Thanksgiving holidays through the month of January for the baby. I didn't realize I'd be able to be off that early, so that's a relief for me. I just have to work out the details now with the docs and insurance and HR people. Yea!

I think that's all I have for now. Hope everyone's having a great week, has a great weekend, and living his or her dream! Love you!


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