25 weeks or is it 26?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday. This time I met with another doctor in the practice who also happens to be my OB's son. My doc likes you to meet the other docs in the practice in case it's one of them that ends up delivering the baby. It's only the five doctors in the practice in the call group, so that's good. I did my glucose test. Hopefully, we won't get any worrisome results from that. My weight is the exact same it's been since the beginning at every single doctor's appointment. I joked that I thought something was wrong with their scales, but in reality, that's really good news. I haven't gained anything, yet, but I'm definitely showing. My blood pressure this time was lower than it has been in quite some time, even before I was pregnant, so that must mean all this exercise is paying off. :)

As of now, I still have the clear to fly to Amarillo in September to visit Granny and Gamp and Phoenix in October to go to Susan's wedding. I was relieved to hear that, so I went ahead and booked the Phoenix tickets. We already had Amarillo booked. Looking forward to both trips!

I also asked the doc about timing of due date, delivery, etc. I asked him about my due date because they'd changed it from December 6 to December 12 back when I had my first sonogram. However, every time they mention how far along I am, I can tell they're using the December 6 date. I asked him about this, and he said they'd probably more likely go on size than the actual date. However, he did say they do not like to allow women to go more than about a day past their due dates, as risks start to increase. What does that mean for me? This baby will be OUT before December 12, most likely, if not right around then. :) Yea! I was worried about it getting too late in the month, and this way, we should at least be able to enjoy the holidays all together and somewhat recovered from delivery!

I get to have another ultrasound in two weeks to check the location of my placenta. The last ultrasound showed it being too low. He said about 90% of the time, they move right on up to where they need to be, but we want to make sure. If it hasn't moved before delivery, I'll have to have a C-Section, so please keep us in your prayers! I'm really hoping to not have to have the C-section. I don't want to be cut on. :)

Not a ton going on in other news. I've been getting a few things here and there for the nursery. The lamp should be in today, and the mobile should be to me in the next few weeks. I guess I should start figuring out where I want the wall stuff. I also need to find a valance for the window.

That's about all the exciting news I have! I just wanted to keep everyone updated on the doc news. I'll try to get some pics of something here soon to liven things up a bit. :) Hope each of you is living your dream!


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