Can't Help "Fall"-ing in Love...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Okay, so Elvis is pretty much my all-time fave. :) But the title is a little more than the title of my favorite song by him....It's Fall, y'all!

I'm so excited about fall and holidays this year, and I kinda surprised by that. I've been ready for fall since my hair was dyed to a more fall-appropriate color, and now it finally here! I love so much about fall: new hair color, boots, cooler weather, different colors around us, anticipation of holidays, sweaters, etc. (By the way, I do realize that I only get to enjoy some of those here in Houston, and even less of them, like boots, this year being quite preggo.) :-D This year, though, I just feel completely different about the season. I know that it's the season where many things around us start dying or looking more drab in preparation for the winter, but I just feel like it is the beginning of so many exciting things for us! I'm even really excited about the holidays. When we figured out the timing of the arrival of Baby E, I was afraid I would just dread the holidays. However, I'm getting shopping done early, and I'm excited about everything this fall and winter - even Halloween! I've even been looking around for fun decor stuff - even for Halloween! Maybe that's a mommy instinct? To make everything fun around the house for holidays (because I typically couldn't care less what my house looks like at Halloween, especially)? :)

As usual, our fall weekends are jam-packed (we just figured out last night that the next weekend that neither of us have plans or have plans together is pretty much the weekend after Thanksgiving, which will hopefully be the weekend before Baby E arrives and gives us constant "plans"). :) That's okay, though. We're excited about all the fun stuff coming up. I'm trying to not over-book us, but that is really hard these days. :)

We got to visit Gamp and Granny in Amarillo last weekend, and they were fabulous hosts, as always. We got to show Jeremy Palo Duro Canyon (and I hadn't been in years), enjoy some of Granny's yummy food (as always) and got a lot of visiting in. It was such a great trip although way too short. We're headed to Phoenix in October for my friend Susan's wedding. It promises to be a somewhat difficult trip, just due to the size I will probably be by then, but it will be short, and I have a holiday to recover before having to go back to work, so that's good. :) Jeremy will go to the annual Texas A&M lacrosse tournament he's been to (either playing or as a spectator) for the last 11 years, I think, in mid-November. I decided to sit this one out, since I couldn't really come up with any way for me to be comfortable on that trip. :) Looking forward to being able to take the little one next year, though. :) And we've got all crazy events around here in between!

I went to the doctor last Tuesday and had an ultrasound. Everything looks great, and she's still a girl! (The ultrasound tech asked if I didn't believe her the first time when I asked her to just check again, since we were doing an ultrasound. I let her know that I just wanted to be mentally prepared for the right thing. :)) However, it was the first appointment I weighed any differently from all my other appointments. I had gained 5 pounds in two weeks!!! I was freaking out a bit, but the doc wasn't worried, especially since I'm in my third trimester and hadn't gained any weight at all. :) Since then, I continue to weigh and think I may have taken off a pound or two, or, at the very least, not gained any more. I go back on Tuesday. I'm including the ultrasound pic, even though you can't tell a whole lot from this one. She was facing down, so we didn't get to see her profile or anything fun like that. There's a pretty good shot of her spine and foot, though. :)

In the nursery, we're getting close to finished, as far as decor is concerned, I think. We got a valance hung this week, and I'm hoping to get the mobile and the pictures for the wall put up this weekend. I still need to order the big lighted carousel letter for the wall. I will do that soon. :) I'll try to take some pics this weekend to get up on the post next week. I'm loving it! Once the decor stuff is finished, I can work on organizing the things in the closet (mostly clothes).

I'm getting more and more excited, but I feel a little differently about the whole situation lately. Before I was just excited that we were having a baby. These last couple of weeks, I feel much more of a bond with our little baby girl, though. I really do think I'm "fall"-ing in love with her. :) I love to feel her movements, even as spastic as they might be. I can't wait to meet her. I know she will be such a joy in our lives. I may even be most excited about seeing Jeremy hold her for the first time. He is so excited, and sometimes I just wish he could know what it feels like to feel her inside. It's definitely going to be a happy day. :)

I will close with a request for prayers. Jeremy and I have had to make some very difficult decisions lately, and we pray constantly that they are the right ones. Please pray for us and for our families, as we know that the results of those decisions won't always be easy to deal with. Thanks for everyone's support. We love you all.

By the way, feel free to leave comments on any blog post! :) Until next time, hope you're "fall"-ing in love with something or someone and living the dream! Love you!


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